What does your Toyota’s name mean? Part 16


By Jude Katende This list has names you must be familiar with. The name origins mentioned are limited to principal ones and are not exhaustive for some models. Each name has a date of when the car’s production started. ISIS Named after the Egyptian goddess of fruitfulness and productivity in the hope that the vehicle […]

All-Too-Common Pitfalls for Skilled Drivers


By Sejin Kim The pitfalls that skilled drivers fall into result from their own confidence in their ability to maneuver the car without paying too much attention to it. But, the truth of the matter is that a driving skill is not the only requirement for negotiating busy roads safely. Unusual and unpredictable things happen […]

Common car tools every driver should own


By Sejin Kim Even if you do not plan to perform complex repairs on your car, there are certain tools every driver should have handy. Your car may break down or perhaps you want to perform basic maintenance on it rather than take it to a mechanic. Whatever your reason, it is recommended you carry […]

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