BAIC South Africa invites dealer representatives to visit BAIC Group

On April 24-26, 2024, at the invitation and organization of BAIC South Africa, representatives of BAIC South Africa dealer network partners ventured to bustling Beijing, the capital of China. They successfully visited the headquarter of BAIC Group along with BAIC Off road Vehicles Company as well as BAIC New Energy Company. They also partook in the 2024 BAIC global distributor business event and visited the 2024 Beijing International Auto Show.

The 2024 BAIC global distributor business event showcases the achievements of BAIC’s international business. Nearly 300 dealers and partners from more than 50 countries gathered to witness the future of BAIC’s development. At the meeting, BAIC South Africa won the prestigious Excellent Retail Award.

During the visit, dealer representatives were also invited to attend the 2024 Beijing International Auto Show on-site.

At the headquarter of BAIC Group, BAIC Off road Vehicle Company, and BAIC New Energy Company, dealer representatives listened attentively to the introduction of BAIC Group’s development history, understood the product spectrum of BAIC, experienced the latest generation of BAIC products and cutting-edge technology, gained a deeper understanding of BAIC’s development achievements and future plans, and expressed their commitment to intensify their cooperation and work together with BAIC South Africa.

As a result, they will continue to deeply cultivate the South African market and make new contributions to the beautiful travel requirements of South African consumers.

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