Toyota letters and meanings

By Jude Katende

Some of you have been quite observant when it comes to admiring various car makes. However, you may ask yourself what particular letters on Toyota vehicles mean.

Just like other car makes or brands, every automaker comes up with a system to help identify or distinguish one brand from the other.

Think of it as the way you would name your children. Perhaps, you have seen some letters on different Toyotas and wondered what they meant or you wonder why a particular Toyota that looks similar to another is more expensive.

Let’s look at these letters in no particular order. XR stands for extreme rally. LE means luxury edition. DX stands for deluxe. CE means classic edition. L means entry level grade.

S means sport and SE means sport edition. SLE means sport luxury edition. SR5 stands for sport rally 5-speed. VE is value edition. XL is for executive luxury. XLE is for executive luxury edition. XLS stands for executive luxury sport.

And finally, XR stands for extreme rally while XRS is for extreme rally sport. So, there you have it. Don’t get perplexed the next time you see any of these letters on a Toyota.

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