What does your Toyota’s name mean? CD series

By Jude Katende


 A “coaster” is a ship that is used to carry cargo along the coast from port to port. Feb. 3,1969. Usually imported as 28-32 seaters and used as taxis, the name has also been used for other makes other than Toyota, thanks to its popularity and shape, the latter confusing Ugandans to label all such vans as Coasters. 


 The “R” signifies that the engine is “rear-mounted.” May 29,1996


The meaning is the same as in English. Dec.19,1995


Comes from the English word “cynosure,” which means someone or something that is the center of attention. Jan.21,1991. Indeed, centre of attraction in Uganda, thanks to its sporty look and folding doors, youths liked it at its peak. It is quite rare now.


Comes from the Latin “celsus” (“lofty” or “elevated”). Oct. 9,1991. An offshoot of the Lexus marquee, just like other JDMs, just a few exist in some bonds.


 The meaning is the same as in English. The Century was built to celebrate the centennial of the birth of Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of the Toyota group of companies.Nov.,1967. Some were privately imported.


 The meaning is the same as in English. The name was chosen for its pleasing sound, which we felt matched the styling of the car. Sep.24,1998. Liked for its ease of parking and small engine, although considered “recent” , a number exist in the country and their popularity is increasing.  Sells for …


 The name evokes an image of an agile delivery boy, which is suitable for this walkthrough van with easy ingress/egress and loading/unloading of cargo. The van also serves as a billboard-on-wheels, which is consistent with the image of a messenger. July 20,1989. Still rare.


“Dyna” is short for “dynamic.”Apr.,1959

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