Turn to Xenon lights

By Jude Katende

How things can sometimes quickly change. Gone are the days when you would look for headlights for your old car and fail to get them locally. Sometimes, you would want to get them bought for you by a friend who is abroad.

I remember there was a time when I needed to replace the headlights of my first car, a VW Passat B4 model. I sent my cousin to do the searching and he did search far and wide and failed to get them. When he thought the search was finally over, they were very expensive and we did not have the kind of money asked.

When the money was got, he went back but only to discover that someone else bought the lights and it was the only pair available. Today, even if you have a 20-year-old vehicle or much older, don’t worry much. You can search online or search locally.

Chances are that your particular lights, that is headlights or taillights could be available.  Sometimes these lights are retrofitted and renewed with a touch of xenon, the new style in lighting. Xenon lights do not just look nice but are also much brighter than the old type of lights.

There is another type called Angel Eyes. So, if you think that your BMW E36 is old or your VW Golf Mk 3/4/5 headlights cannot be found, that is a lie. It depends on where you have been looking. These lights can be got in Xenon or Angel Eyes style.

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