Mudflaps ensure cleanliness

By Jude Katende

Mudflaps do shield your car’s body from dirt such as splashes of muddy water. Whenever your vehicle’s tyre hits the ground surface, the tyre’s rotating makes them spread or pick-up whatever is on the road and it is splashed on nearby parts of the vehicle.

This usually happens when you drive through off road surfaces or on dirt roads after rain has fallen. Driving through muddy wet surfaces is really unpleasant. One of the ways to reduce your car body from having dirty patches here and there is to have mud flaps.

The mud flaps work like shields and pick all the mud and prevent it from being splashed on the body. Flaps come in different sizes and shapes. Some are locally made here in Uganda. Others are custom made and branded by the automaker.


Some of the locally made ones especially for trucks and buses look ridiculous but they do the job. These are not only large but also long and finished off with funny or interesting messages for you to read. You will see messages in English and Luganda usually. Stuff such as “Catch me if you can”, “God is good”, “School fees za baana”, “Ffa kubikwatako” and much more.

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