Get yourself some car seat covers

By Jude Katende

When you are in a country that has many dirt roads such as Uganda, then you may need to think about buying seat covers. See, when it is not raining, these roads are dusty and if your car windows are always open, you will have very dirty seats with lots of dust. This will make your car interior very unattractive especially to your passengers.

Car seat covers can be the fluffy type, wooly or of cotton material. There are many types of material out there. I have even seen beads, yes, beaded covers! Seat covers are wrapped all over the seats just like the way you would wear say your tee shirt.

However, just because they are covers it does not mean that they will be on your seats forever. It means, take off some time and clean them yourself. Just monitor the dust levels or any foreign material like spilled drinks and do the cleaning.

This cleaning is easy, just do it yourself. Don’t spend money on things that you can do by yourself. Pricing will depend on material, design, brand among other factors. But it starts from around shs80,000 to shs2m. Check with various dealers and make a choice about what seat covers you think are ideal for your vehicle. Don’t just buy for the sake of buying.

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