DVD players and Sub woofers for in car entertainment

By Jude Katende

JBL, Pioneer, Xplod, Starsound, Kenwood, Phillips, JVC, Sony, Targa, Calibra Cyclops and many others are some of the brands that you may be familiar with when it comes to matters to do with sound. Be it DVD players, MP3 players, amplifiers, subwoofers or speakers, these brands have got you covered.

They come in different sizes and designs with different types of wattage depending on how light or heavy you want your car to sound. As a word of caution: Please it is not really good to drive your car with sound that is close to what is heard in night clubs or discotheques.

I have noticed some motorists driving with very loud sound coming from their cars. Now imagine, just in case the President’s motorcade or even an ambulance is signaling you to move on the side and you cannot hear anything. What is you are close to a rail line and a train is hooting for you to leave and you cannot hear a thing?

Granted, most of us like good sound, but it does not have to be so loud and especially when you are driving. If you are hanging out with friends and you play the music while the car is parked, that is okay. That said, all these sound accessories can be installed locally.

There are some people who have specialized in this installation and can be gout from Kisekka Market among other places. You negotiate the fees and they install the accessories for you. Pricing of the accessories varies a great deal from brand name, wattage, type (for instance some have USBs and some don’t).

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