Spoilers are not for all cars

By Jude Katende

Oh, I love this topic. You may ask me why and I will tell you that this perhaps one of the most misused car accessories in Uganda. See, we have got many people who just do things that they think are good because they have seen them on other cars.

What they forget is to ask why their cars didn’t come fitted with spoilers? Some people add spoilers on built spoilers or add spoilers on cars that are not supposed to have spoilers.

What we need to know is that everything automakers do is for a purpose and there is a reason why they may put certain thing on some cars and not put them on others. There is a reason for everything. And please do ask, whenever, you don’t know what something does.

Don’t just put things on your car to satisfy your ego. Spoilers are meant to spoil wind or to divert wind that could affect the car’s being well balanced on the road when doing fast speeds.

They are not meant to make the car look nice like some people want to believe. Adding a spoiler on an already existing spoiler may actually affect the way your car balances on the road.

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