Roof racks are essential but…

By Jude Katende

Roof racks are helpful especially if you are the kind of person who is so much into travelling long distances and having to carry extra loads. That said, roof racks are not for every vehicle or car. They are not ideal for small cars such as saloons or sedans, hatch backs, pick-ups.

Roof racks are usually meant for some SUVs and vans. As you can see, these are high or tall in design and also long. So, if your vehicle didn’t come with a roof rack ask before you buy. You may end up destroying a very nice vehicle that was designed not to have a roof rack for beauty’s sake.

Just imagine having a roof rack on a luxurious SUV? It just doesn’t cut it, if you ask me.  And if you are to load cargo on the rack, don’t overload! Otherwise, you will be destroying your car.

All cars are designed to carry particular weights, so if you overload your car, bear in mind the self-destruction you are doing. That means that you are cutting short the life span of your car, besides, you will be consuming a lot of fuel.

There are even locally made racks, but before you buy look keenly at the work done if it is done to your liking. Pricing for locally made racks starts at shs80,000 up to shs2m.

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