GPS Navigation is cool

By Jude Katende

With the advancement in technology and seeing that some roads are mapped, GPS navigation comes in handy. This is so especially if you find yourself in an area that you are not familiar with, the GPS will help navigate for you to the right direction and distance.

With an inbuilt audio system or sometimes without audio but with a digital display, you will be notified from time to time how close you are to the intended destination. The GPS will give the exact time frame in minutes or seconds left for you to reach the destination and exactly where it is.

That is how important this accessory is. Some cars especially newer ones, come with it already installed by the automaker. The beauty with these accessories is that unlike in the past when you could be cheated by dealers, today you can check online for details. Or even better, buy it online. Locally, they range from shs20,000 to shs500,000.

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