Canopies for pick-ups

By Jude Katende

Unlike tonneau covers for pick-ups which are totally flat, canopies on the other hand are raised covers.  I have seen some locally made ones and I can say that many of them look ridiculous. I like supporting locally made stuff but when it comes to not putting in mind the size of canopy vis a vis on the truck it is being fixed, then we have a problem.

Some of the locally canopies look either longer or taller than they should have been putting into consideration the size of the pick-up. That means, maybe the clients ask for more space so that they can carry more cargo such as mattresses and disregard the manufacturer’s weight recommendations.

Already made canopies of PVC or hard plastic material look good and well measured to fit the pick-up truck they were intended for. That means, there are different shapes depending on the requirements of the client. The locally made ones are metal or aluminum and fixed by fabricators. There a few who do a good job, so if you are to get it done locally, do some research first.

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