Sun covers for the interior

By Jude Katende

You may ask yourself why you need sun covers for the interior. Yes, it is important especially if weather is really hot. Have you ever entered a car, may even not be yours, but a friend’s car and the seats are more than warm so to speak?

So warm that it is discomforting. If this hot weather does this continuously, then don’t be surprised if your leather seats start developing cracks. the same can be said about the dashboard. So, as an accessory, sun covers are really important if you want to avoid destruction of your dashboard and leather seats.

The covers usually, placed inside on the windscreen, do reduce the amount of heat entering directly in your vehicle. These sun covers may in the long run prevent you from buying a dashboard cover, that is another accessory, unless you really like it. Sun covers go from shs22,000 to about shs200,000 depending on where you buy them from.

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