Car covers for entire exterior

By Jude Katende

Some of you see such stuff in car magazines, in movies and you think that they are just for showing off. Or you may think that those people in developed countries have kajanja, I don’t even know how best to translate this Luganda word. But it is almost similar to overly cautious or showing off something.

But that is not what car covers are for. Car covers are also built to protect your car from sun rays and rain. Covering the entire car is good because it protects your car from bad weather that may destroy the paint work.

You may not believe this but such a cover prevents your car from gathering dust if used during day time. You may not use a car cover as a shield from car thieves, but it can help. By the time a carjacker starts unwrapping your car cover, then he belongs to the most daring type.

See, if your car has an alarm, it will go off the moment the carjacker lays his hands on the cover. That will be enough to alert you unless you are far away at the time.  Car covers come in different sizes and colours and designs to fit particular vehicles. Look for what is ideal for your car. Pricing ranges between shs120,000 and shs500,000 depending on make, design and for which type of car.

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