Are your floormats ok?

By Jude Katende

This is a must for all vehicles. There are some accessories that you don’t even need to ask about if they are necessary. Floor mats help us retain all the dirt from our shoes plus any other unpleasant stuff such as food that may have dropped on the car floor.

When you wash your car or if you take it to a car wash, they will wash these floor mats as well. Floor mats come in different makes but they all serve the same purpose. Most of them are universal, that means they can be used in just any car or vehicle that is if they are the right size.

Some are made of rubber while others are of plastic material. Although most cars come with their own floor mats branded with the car’s name or logo, there some universal floor mats. Depending on size, make, design, local pricing starts from shs50,000 to shs450,000. Again, this varies from dealer to dealer or accessories outlet.

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