Your dashboard may need a cover

By Jude Katende

This accessory is a good fixer or a two in one if you like. First, it does just what it is named after or for. These covers usually are wool like soft material that is wrapped or covered over the dashboard to protect it from sun rays that overtime can damage it.

The second fixing these covers do is that they make your dashboard look neat. However, nice as they make look and do a good protection job, that may be the case for just some car makes. You may ask me why that is so.

It is, because if you take a close look at some or most of the cars and vehicles made these days, the dashboard is full of glittering savvy tech screens, buttons etc. These features including the GPS screen make the dashboard cover unnecessary. 

Instead of beautifying your dashboard, it may make it look ugly. This is so especially if it is a luxurious car with a large dashboard full of different features like is the case with today’s Mercedes Benzes and BMWs (see photos).

Anyway, the good thing is that there are some custom made covers just tailored to exactly fit your car’s dashboard design. For these specially designed covers, check and see if you can order them online. Pricing for already imported covers ranges from shs100,000 to shs1m.

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