Wind visors are a necessity

By Jude Katende

Wind visors are just what they are called. Their work is to protect the car occupants from winds gushing in the car and discomforting the passengers especially the driver. You can also call them blinds or shades.

You may not believe it, but wind comes in your direction when driving, it can be discomforting and distractive. Wind visors. Wind deflectors, also called wind visors or rain guards, are designed to redirect wind away from the car, which keeps everything nice and quiet while you drive.

Wind visors or deflectors lower the interior temperature. They block and reflect the sun and this helps to lower the buildup of heat inside your car. So, it makes it easier to breathe when you enter your car. In Uganda, pricing ranges between shs177,000 and shs500,000 depending on make and dealer. Typically, the bigger in size, the higher the cost of the visors.

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