Are fog lights only used when it’s foggy?

By Sejin Kim

Are you one of those smart motorists who are dedicated to raising driving standards? Do you believe in increasing your driving competence and skills? Do you know why vehicle drivers make use of fog lights in fog? Well, driving safely is the need of today’s competitive era.

All vehicle owners are well aware that today’s roads demand superior judgment and more skills to make your way. This is particularly true in hostile weather conditions. When it comes, to driving in severe climatic conditions, fog is the most challenging aspect for any driver.

Driving the vehicle through fog is really dangerous. This unsafe meteorological condition is seen particularly during autumn or spring season. Fog lights are meant to increase vehicle safety. In poor visibility conditions, fog lights not only improve your visibility but also tell others about your presence.

There are various changes in the traditional transportations with the technological advancement. Nowadays, vehicles come well equipped with the various lights that make our task relatively easy.

By using various lights including taillights, headlights, fog lights etc. one can drive a vehicle safely in dangerous climatic conditions. While driving in fog, the driver should reduce the car’s speed and switch on auto headlights.

While driving in fog, the driver should think about how far he or she can see. It is essential to take into account how long it will take to stop your car. Many drivers turn on fog lights to ensure that they can be seen.

However, it is essential to check out that high beams of your car are not turned on by mistake. If so, high beams can direct light up into the fog. This can create difficulty for you to visualize. On the other hand, low beams aim light down on the road. This helps not only you but also other motorists to spot you. Most of the cars today feature a switch, which turns o

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