What does your Toyota’s name mean? Part 5

By Jude Katende

We are into the fifth series of our Toyota names weekly piece. We continue to explore the origin of or what most of these names mean. The name origins mentioned are limited to principal ones and are not exhaustive for some models. Each name has a date of when the car’s production started.


Comes from the Japanese word “kanmuri (kamuri)” (crown). Mar.24,1982. There are quite a number in Uganda although none of them was meant for this market. Some were for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) while others were made in the U.S. Both brands are available in some bonds.


“Gracia” is Spanish for “grace.” Dec.16,1996


A southern constellation (the Keel). Dec. 1,1970. Depending on the year of make, quite a number exist in Uganda.


A southern constellation (the Keel). The acronym ED stands for “exciting and dressy.” Aug.20,1985. It used to be a favourite among people who had cashed in on good deals in the early the 1990s. They are hard to come by these days.

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