What does your Toyota’s name mean? Part 4

By Jude Katende

We are into the fourth part of a number of series or parts of the Toyota brand lineage. The manufacturer has over the years (and is not about to stop) continued to churn out vehicles with all sorts of names that could even be mistaken by their owners. 

We explore the origin of or what most of these names mean. The name origins mentioned are limited to principal ones and are not exhaustive for some models. Each name has a date of when the car’s production started. Most of these cars have found their way into Uganda and some of you do own them.


 The meaning is the same as in English. The name signifies a leading-edge car with sharp and attractive features. Dec.21,2006. 


 Comes from the English word “brave.” June 4,2001. There are quite a number in the bonds and have also become a favourite among wedding planners/organisers.


 The meaning is the same as in English. Apr. 1,1980. This one is quite old.


“Belta” is the Italian word for “beauty.” Nov.28,2005.


 The first letters of “black box.” Feb. 3,2000. I have seen quite a number here although they are not head turners. That is my opinion anyway.

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