What does your Toyota’s name mean? Part 3

By Jude Katende

This is the third part of our Toyota name series in which we seek to find out what the various Toyota names actually mean. If you missed out on the first two, check in our archives.


An Italian word meaning “height” or “nobility.” Oct.30,1998. Also an offshoot of the Lexus marquee, a good number exist in the bonds, especially the first generation IS make. Some of you like racing them like rally cars while others have actually used them in local rallies thanks for their good sport abilities.


“Altezza” means “height” or “nobility” and Gita means “trip” or “excursion” in Italian. July 2,2001. Unlike the one above, this one is very rare. It is in hatchback form.


“Alphard,” which is derived from the Greek word “alpha,” was intended to evoke an image of the brightest star in a constellation. May 22,2002. In Uganda, it belongs to an era of used vehicles still referred to as “new” owing to its “recent” year of manufacture, 2002. Quite a number exist in the bonds and are becoming very common especially the first generation. Subsequent generations look sleeker if you ask me.


The “G” stands for “grand.”


The “V” stands for “victory.”


Derived from the French word “allez” (meaning “to go”) and combined with the letter X, the name suggests that you can “go anywhere you like.” Jan.24,2001. Though also considered “recent”, a good number exist in the bonds and look similar to the RUN-X.

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