Car taglines

By Jude Katende

You know every serious brand has a slogan, call it a principle or motto by which it markets itself. It is also a way of identification and some even keep changing these taglines every now and then. So do our car brands. They have very interesting taglines that I have listed here for your consumption and enrichment of knowledge about cars.

Suzuki-way of life

Volkswagen-das auto, the car/for the love of the car

Mercedes Benz- engineered like no other car/the best or nothing

Nissan-shift expectations

Audi-vorspring durch tecknic. Vorsprung durch Technik (German pronunciation: roughly “Advancement through technology”) is a German language phrase and the main advertising slogan and company ethos for the German car maker Audi. It has been used in Audi advertising campaigns all over the world. except in the United States where the slogan “Truth in Engineering” is used.

BMW- the ultimate driving machine/sheer driving pleasure

Kia-the power to surprise/the car that cares

Mazda-zoom, zoom, zoom

Skoda-simply clever

Volvo-for life

Saab (Swedish automobile)-move your mind

Lincoln- travel well/ what a luxury car should be

Jeep-there is only one

Chrysler-drive= love

Peugeot-live the pleasure

Citroen-just imagine what Citroen can do for you

Fiat-driven by passion

Renault-beyond rational

Bentley-vividly designed, engineered for speed

Lamborghini-for love of the car

Maserati-excellence through passion/move in different circles

Tata- Trust the maker to give you what no one else can: Guarantee and authenticity on his creation. /Improving the quality of life/more dreams per car

Pontiac- we are driving excitement

Jaguar-don’t dream it, drive it

Seat-changed from Auto Emocion to Enjoyneering as proposed by incoming CEO James Muir-according to  he is quoted to having said that the previous tagline was meaningless.

Toyota-let’s go places

Honda-the power of dreams


Daihatsu-innovation for tomorrow

Hyundai-new thinking. New possibilities

Porsche-there is no substitute

Alfa Romeo-beauty is not enough. Power for your control

Opel-fresh thinking.  Better cars/we live cars

Isuzu-drive one/go farther

Subaru-think. Feel. drive

Ford- go further

BMW Mini –is it love?

Infiniti-accelerating the future/inspired performance

Hummer-like nothing else

Lexus –replaced pursuit of perfection with Engineering the impossible

Chevy-eye it. Try it. Buy it. /an American revolution

Cadillac- Break through

Oldsmobile- start something

Dodge- grab life by horns

Acura. Precision crafted performance/The road will never be the same

Alfa Romeo. Beauty is not enough.

Buick. It’s all good.
Buick. The spirit of American style.
Chrysler. Inspiration comes standard.
Land Rover. Go beyond.
Range Rover. It’s how the smooth take the rough.
Rover. A class of its own.
Saturn. Like always. Like never before.
Smart. Open your mind.
Vauxhall. Put the fun back into driving.

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