A mobile camp in the Land Rover Defender

By Jude Katende

Roving, wandering or traveling the land wherever and whenever is part of the D.N.A for which the Land Rover was made and named so. And no better way to add value to this vehicle than to make it a mobile camping vehicle.

This is what a Ugandan gentleman did recently with the help of UG Rides, a car workshop based in Buziga, about eight kilometres from the capital city, Kampala. Land Rovers of the Defender type are serious sturdy vehicles. UG Rides together with the client, who chose to remain anonymous conceptualized an ideal camping vehicle that is just like a home away from home.

fridge and kitchen inside

It was recently customized with all sorts of things to make camping fun. The vehicle has a bed or call it a tent canopy with a mattress for a good rest. On top of the tent is a solar panel that helps to store the much needed energy.

Besides the solar panel, the Defender also has an inverter and gas for more energy used in cooking and lighting. Yes, you read right. This vehicle has a percolator, microwave, fridge and an A/C power outlet.   There is also a specially fitted kitchen.

men at work

And that is what we mean by having a home away from home.  Other accessories include storage compartments for the gas cylinder, first aid kit, solar panel batteries, hose pipes for washing, jumper cables, tow straps and three 20 litre canisters which are known here as jerrycans.

Although the Defender type of Land Rovers have come of age and were recently revamped, this particular one has some new additives that make it look different. These include that signature ring day time running lights, camping spot lights and LED spot lights.

In addition to that is an off-road jack, fire extinguisher, ladder to access the tent, spare tyre, an extra tough bull bar with a winch and seats at the rear. The Defender is finished in black Land Rover aluminium plate and also has side steps to aid in getting in the vehicle.

The job, UG Rides’ management, says can take about two months or less depending on what the client wants and what is available on the market. Otherwise, it is a well done job if you ask me and done locally.

Just seeing it, you would get the impression that it was imported like that. But that is not true. Everything was fitted right here in Uganda. You too can think about customizing your own vehicle to your own specifications.

see the solar panel on top

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