What does your Toyota’s name mean? Part 1

By Jude Katende

This is Toyota country. Perhaps you have seen this statement at the back of a wheel cover, probably of a Toyota Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Well, it may be an advert of sorts but truth be told, given their affordability, many Toyotas whether in brand new or used form, find their way into many African and Middle Eastern countries.

That said, the manufacturer has over the years (and is not about to stop) continued to churn out vehicles with all sorts of names that could even be mistaken by their owners. Today, in a series of parts to come, we explore the origin of or what most of these names mean. The name origins mentioned are limited to principal ones and are not exhaustive for some models. Each name has a date of when the car’s production started.


Paleochora, Greece – June 30, 2016: Closeup of Toyota Auris staying among mountains near Paleochora town on Crete island, Greece

 Derived from the Latin word “aurum” (gold) and the English word “aura,” the name signifies a car with a distinct aura. Oct.23,2006


Derived from the Latin word meaning water. The name is meant to evoke an image of clean transparency as well as of something that is universally cherished. Also, the name suggests something fluid and unconstrained -like free-flowing water – representing the manufacturer’s wish that many people draw plenty of enjoyment from this car. Dec.26,2011


A mythical island paradise in Celtic legends. May 9,1995. These makes are still few in Uganda, having mainly been exported to the West. The list continues next week.

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