Get the best from your car AC

By Jude Katende

The car air conditioner (AC)is one of the things that we rely on when we want to have a cool interior. Likewise if we want to be a little warmer, we turn it on. But just like other car parts, air conditioners need to be taken care of well lest they break down and stop working. 

The good news is that the AC can be fixed and refilled. One such place is called Car AC Gas Refilling. Located in Buziga opposite Forest Art and Fabrication, gas refilling and repairing is done from here. At this place spare parts are also sold including the AC pump, condenser, evaporator and pipes.

 Vincent Senyange, the manager at this outlet advises that to get the best out of your AC, you should regularly change your air filter to make sure that the fan is always running. This Senyange adds that it prevents damaging the condenser and will keep your AC system in mint condition.

Given the dusty road conditions in Uganda, Senyange advises that car owners should check on their air filters every after two months. “You also need to replace the AC pump oil after two months so that the AC system works well,” he says. 

Senyange explains, “If the air is not coming in your car, check on the air filter and see that it is not clogged or blocked. Do this before refilling the gas.” He notes that if the AC is well serviced, it can take up to one and a half years to two years without replacement.

 About refilling, Senyange says it is just one hour’s work. He hastens to add that before the refill, the car itself should be in good condition.  Senyange says mobile servicing within Kampala is possible.  The place is open Monday to Sunday, morning to evening.

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