Poissy, March 27th, 2024 – Citroën today unveils the first images of Citroën Basalt Vision, a new compact SUV Coupé concept that will join the Brand’s range in India and South America in the second half of 2024. Powerful and stylish, this new model blends several automotive codes to offer customers the very best. It combines the fluidity and dynamism of a Coupé, the advantages and robustness of an elevated SUV, and the balance and space on board of a 5-door saloon. Developed with the direct involvement of teams at headquarters and in each region, and benefiting from strong local integration, Basalt Vision will support Citroën’s international growth alongside C3 and C3 Aircross in major markets. All three models are part of the same programme to bring to market models with a strong character and a distinctive onboard comfort experience. Basalt Vision is a faithful vision of the model that will be offered to customers in the second half of 2024.“We are delighted to unveil the third opus of the programme designed to drive Citroën’s international growth. Our teams are strongly committed to deliver in the coming months this innovative vision of SUV Coupé that exudes bold design, space inside and unique onboard comfort. Developed and produced locally, we are confident that Basalt Vision will appeal to a large number of customers and strengthen our position in major markets. We can’t wait to tell you more about it in middle of the year.” Thierry Koskas – Citroën CEOA new silhouette concept in this segment.  Citroën Basalt Vision is a daring concept for a very compact SUV Coupé that brings together a number of customer expectations. It will be the first model in this territory to borrow attributes from different automotive codes. Its SUV character is aspirational, expressing modernity, robustness and reassurance. Powerful and muscular, it has a confident, solid stance on the road, thanks to its high ground clearance, high bonnet, upright front end, widened wings and protected wheel arches with distinctive geometric shapes. Its coupé-like rear trailing edge adds fluidity and dynamism to a model that expresses energy and tension. The whole is both athletic and elegant, with balanced proportions and a sleek silhouette that suggests aerodynamic efficiency.Basalt: source of robustness and serenity. Citroën confirms its ambitions in terms of creativity with the unveiling of this unique silhouette concept. Its unique positioning at the crossroads justifies a dedicated name, Basalt, which will be retained when it goes on sale. Basalt shares with this volcanic rock, born of the energy of the earth, the promise of robustness and serenity represented by this resistant and timeless material. These values are perfectly matched by a vehicle that will reassure its owner with its endurance and reliability and allow him to relax in a veritable cocoon. Citroën Basalt Vision is an SUV Coupé with all the advantages of a 5-door saloon. The higher ground clearance makes it easier to get in and out of a vehicle that offers plenty of space, both front and rear. Combined with protective shields at the front and rear and side guards, Basalt provides a feeling of safety and security, allowing you to tackle difficult driving conditions with serenity.New addition to the Citroën range. Following on from the C3 and C3 Aircross, Citroën Basalt Vision is the 3rd model of the C-Cubed programme deployed specifically to ensure Citroën’s growth in two strategic regions, India and South America. Our ambition is to develop a strong and distinctive product offering, with a unique design and ease of use that create value for customers. All three models are based on the same Smart Car platform, configured specifically to meet the needs of customers in these markets, illustrating the modularity and efficiency of this platform. Beyond the product, Citroën’s ambition is to offer a more serene and joyful ownership experience through services that make customer life easier.Launched in the second half of 2024, Citroën Basalt Vision previews a compact, powerful and muscular SUV Coupé that will appeal to young professionals and families by offering an unrivalled on-board comfort experience.
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