A one stop workshop for all your car needs in Uganda

By Jude Katende

Based at Bunga off Ggaba road and opposite the newly opened Stabex Bunga fuel station, Dalas Auto Ltd was mainly renowned for fixing Subaru cars. However, Peter Amadi, the Technical Advisor, says they currently work on all brands including trucks and buses. “Don’t be surprised if on your next visit you see a Range Rover here.  We also do engine overhauls for buses and trucks,” he notes.

And true to his word right near the main entrance I see mechanics fixing a Nissan Hardbody NP300 pickup.   “Most people know us from the Subaru background but we can pretty much fix any brand out there and do it to our clienteles’ satisfaction,” Amadi elaborates. 

He adds that services offered at Dalas Auto Ltd include regular servicing and maintenance, major mechanical repairs, panel beating, spraying, accident car repairs and normal mechanical jobs. Other services include diagnosis, air conditioning and repair. Other services include car interior repairs such as the dashboard and seats and also restoration of old cars to new life on the road.

Customized bull bar manufacture

Unlike at other workshops where bull bars popularly referred to as guards are bought or imported, at Dalas Auto Ltd, they are made from scratch.  “We make bull bars according to your vehicle’s specifications or size,” says Amadi. 

Car rescue from anywhere in Uganda

Do not be stuck upcountry say in Soroti or Arua yet you were Kampala bound and think that your world has come to an end. Amadi says that they have partners all over the country that work 24/7. Just a call is enough to get them going and rescue you from wherever that you may be stuck. 

Amadi explains that in these various regions there are people who can fix minor damages. If the damages are big and beyond their capacity, they can refer the client to a place where the fixing can be done or be brought to Kampala within a short period of time. 

Training of students

 Amadi explains that the workshop also trains students from technical institutions. “We currently have three students and we expect more,” he says.  He adds that they give them some documents showing their qualification levels and skills which in turn can be presented else elsewhere for recommendation as good mechanics.

Free car checkups

At Dalas Auto Ltd, as a motorist, you can drive in and request for a diagnostic check. This is done free of charge and if any problem is discovered, you are notified. When you make up your mind as to when you will be ready to have your car fixed, you let them know. Amadi says all their clients are given a call after three months just to assess how their vehicle is performing.

Accident car repairs and car sales

Asked about the accident repair vehicles’ experience, the Technical Advisor says most of these are vehicles that were under comprehensive insurance cover and so many were repaired from here.  Amadi says the list is endless.

He however can quickly recall institutions such as VAEL, insurance firms such as National Insurance Corporation, Britam, APA and Sanlam among many others.  Besides the main car services, car sales are also done here. Amadi says people often bring in their cars and state the price they want and the rest is done by management at the workshop.

The workshop is open Monday to Saturday from 8.00a.m to 6.00p.m and on Sundays from 10.00am to 3.00pm. Pay them a visit for an all round check up.

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